Doug Slater

Writings of a software engineer, runner, husband, and disciple

2021-01-31 Arthroscopy
2020-11-22 MRI Results
2020-10-23 Reflections on a DIY Canova Method Marathon Training Cycle
2020-10-15 Transformation Matrices are Neural Networks
2020-10-06 Threadripper 3970x PC Build
2020-10-03 Christian Pull Requests
2020-09-20 Cubic Spline Joint Trajectories
2020-06-07 VPN-less Work Intranet Access
2020-03-05 Use Reverse SSH to Connect Xamarin to macOS
2019-10-18 Edit TCX Treadmill Runs with tcxmill
2019-08-26 Renato Canova in Valencia

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