Dear Friends,

You may know that I have been managing hip pain for a while. I had an MRI for it in October, and yesterday I had a follow-up consultation with Dr. Kemmet at UT Family Physicians to learn what the MRI can tell us.

The results are far worse than I expected. I have catastrophic hip damage from running overuse. My hip socket (acetabulum) has labral tears, labral cysts, and arthritis in the form of bone spurs, and the femoral head has been worn from a ball into more of an egg shape. All of this has caused a protective over-tightening of my anterior (front) hip muscles, which is the pain I have been feeling.

I have been referred to a surgeon for either hip reconstruction or total joint replacement.

This news is a gut-punch, where in a moment life changes direction, and a time to evaluate again my relationship with running. I will try to keep running, but I think that my days of marathoning and ultra may be at an end. I may choose to complement a reduction in running volume with a shift to more static activities like lifting and non load-bearing sports like swimming.

In all this I remember the promise of my Lord: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

I’ll keep you informed,



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